Veronica is from Amersfoort, Holland and started to discover the world at young age. Weaponed with a scetchbook, brushes and pencils

she visited many countries and lived in many. This way she got involved with different art and cultures.


Fascinated by all the people she met, she loves to eternalize faces and expressions. Until today she is captivated by people and considers her life half complete without her pencils and brushes. She always worked with oil- and acrylpaint, until a couple of months ago she discovered

the dry brush technic.


Veronica komt uit Amersfoort, Holland en is al jong de wijde wereld ingetrokken. Gewapend met haar schetsboekje, penselen en potloden

trok zij door veel landen en heeft ook in meerdere landen gewoond. Op deze manier maakte zij kennis met de verschillende culturen en kunst.


Gefascineerd hierdoor probeert zij telkens weer mensen vast te leggen. Tot de dag van vandaag blijft dat haar boeien en zonder potloden en penselen is haar leven half compleet. Het liefst werkt ze met acryl- en olieverf of potlood, tot zij enige tijd geleden de dry brush techniek ontdekte. 







Lee Gaskins III:


Raised in Fanwood, New Jersey, he is the proud son of noted nature watercoloristist Lee Gaskins Jr.


After earning an associate’s degree in horticulture, Lee graduated New York City's School of Visual Arts in 1984, attaining his Bachelor's

in traditional animation and illustration. Three years later, he received his teacher of art certification and currently instructs at the

Linden Academy of Science and Technology.


Past jobs include: working for Commodore Amiga- providing software and hardware support for dealers, V.A.R.s, O.E.M.s, and the Fortune 500 marketplace. Clients:  N.B.C., A.B.C., C.B.S., DuPont, Colgate-Palmolive Corp., Merrill Heater Productions- Beverly Hills, CA

(creator of Hollywood Squares), and uncountable trade shows.


As an animator, he provided animations for: Hughes Optical, D.A.K. productions, the United States government (`Star Wars' missile development), N-2 games, working on expansion packs for Maxis’ SimCity, to designing air-conditioners for the Carrier Corporation.


As a traditional illustrator and digital artist, clients have included: educational book publishers-Silver Burdett & Ginn Co, EarthDayGlobal, The Laser's Edge, and various album covers for country, progressive, and metal bands in the U.S. & Europe. He is currently concentrating on traditional 1904 World's Fair paintings as well as digital landscapes, fairy tales, and fantasy artwork. 


Like his father, Lee has a vast love for nature, as is illustrated by his love of gardening and animals. He has a passion for progressive music, creative films, and the 1904 World’s Fair. He has the largest 1904 WF site in the world.


As a writer, Lee has just finished his first novel, an epic 'old school' fantasy with strong themes of courage, and creativity. He and wife- Barbara have two adorable cats and currently resides in the bowels of New Jersey.


"As a Teacher of Art, I find immeasurable pleasure to instill creative thought, traditional/modern techniques, and a good old fashioned hard work ethic into today’s youth. To be open-minded to experimentation, while embracing the past, exploration, and rationale."














Shakey Walls (and yes, that’s really his name) is nothing if an unusual combination.  A lifelong professional musician whose greatest work is outside his learned field: the creator of a new are expression which span both ends of a century in a juxtaposition of computer and industrial age: and a modest genius.  As a classic ‘outsider,’ he’s been called “a self-taught artist apprenticed to a master.”


According to Mr. Walls, what began with award-winning work in wood-carving. Teaching, and solo shows transitioned   “when my designs reminded a friend of his late Grandfather’s catalogue of watches from the year 1902.


From that chance association came the inspiration for “TimePieces tm.”  Mr. Walls explains, “I was already working in computer graphics (where he’d designs everything from corporate logos to a commemorative memorial installation) but I experimented for a long time before I showed my new work to anyone.”