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In my opinion, there is a fine line between the two. First, why is acholism considered a disease and drug addiction is not?... And why is overeating considered a disease when people over indulge? (Addiction to food)... Etc etc etc etc........

I am so confused on this issue that i have concluded my research and have accepted it for what it is, an issue that will constantly be debated.

However, before i stop there i must admit that i have a disease, or....was it caused by addiction?

I have peripheral artery disease, that is a condition where arteries are blocked in the legs, reducing the blood flow, and as a result lost the big toe on my right foot. I continue to struggle with this uncomfortable condition but i do not consider it a disease, i consider it a result from a bad habit/addiction......CIGARETTES... I stand tall in taking responsibility for my condition and can only improve it by quitting the cigarettes along with increased exercise which promotes collateral circulation (Sprouting new arteries).

I wish more people would stand up and take responsibility for their addictions and stop labeling them something that gives them an easy way out. Oh sure, many people do suffer from disease, but identifying the underlying reasons why, i believe we will see that most are caused from addiction!

Some consider addiction itself as a disease, and i can not argue with that, yet i remain confused.

I wish everyone luck in their battle with addiction or disease, no matter what you label it is still a problem that requires help, and for that i feel for those who are in pain...Good luck to all of you !




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