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Their is no reason to fear something that does not exist "FEAR" is only a state of mind !

Why do people fear change and let it stop them from pursuing their dreams? Many people have goals and dreams that they will not realize because they are afraid to pursue them. The sad fact is that only 4% of our society actually set goals for themselves. Are you following your dreams and goals or are you a person who fears change? People fear change and I have never understood that because you have nothing to fear.

What is that you fear? People stay stuck in a job for twenty plus years because they are afraid to pursue that career that they would love to do. People also never start that business that they would love to do because fear of failure stops them. Whatever it is people truly want to pursue; they do not have the courage to follow it because they let fear stop them. If people would not let fear stop them and continue to pursue their goals they would live a life filled with more joy, abundance and prosperity.

However you can not truly experience these qualities if you continue living a life you are not 100% happy with. Fear is just a state of mind there is really nothing to fear after all if you fail to reach one goal, there is no shame in it. As long as you learn from your failures and keep working towards your goals and dreams eventually they will become realized. Believe me I have not reached all my goals that I have ever set for myself, but it has not kept me from setting more goals and working towards them.

If you set goals for yourself and do not reach them; do not give up on them. People fear change because they are scared of the unknown. Sometimes the unknown is better than the known. I am not sure about you, but I would rather wake up knowing that I am setting my own destiny rather than letting someone set my destiny for me. Next time you want to pursue something do not let fear change your mind. Be brave enough to follow your heart and your dreams. After all you only live once and if you fail to do what you love you will not experience true happiness.

We were all meant to live a life we truly love. If you learn how to develop your faith you can learn how possess the courage to be do have anything. Faith is the opposite of fear, and it is better to focus on faith than fear. People fear change because they have not learned how to develop their faith. Do not be one of them believe that faith can get you through and help you achieve anything you desire.

Life should be easy and free flowing without the fear of failure; your mind loves to make you think that you can not do things because the ego likes you to remain where you currently are. It is scared of change; however as you continue to set goals for yourself and work on your beliefs about your ability to reach your goals and dreams you can program your subconscious to achieve anything you desire.

Rob Gjerde


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