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Hello everyone; As you know, we are always busy with beautiful projects on Centre Lothlorien.

This summer we will host the Global Earth Day Festival. This is a festival full of music, dance, ceremonies, conviviality and laughter. Last twelve years we are helped by a lot of wonderful people in all kinds of ways.

We are very very grateful. We have found that your strong together. By working together you can drop a wonderful project. Therefore we ask you for help. For the financing of the Earth Day Global Festival we have a crowdfunding project was started. Crowdfunding is an alternative way to finance a project. Anyone can help via a crowdfunding platform on internet investing in the project. The idea behind it is that many individuals invest a small amount and that this small investment can fund the project together.

You would help US State on us very much help, not only by donating but also by being part of the project by coming to visit us if you have the availability. Please also visit us Via facebook, twitter, email, call your mother, inform the neighbour etc. The more people know, the better chance we have the project to the financing to get around.

Click the link or the image below, and be a part of something special, bringing together two ideas to make the world a better place for us all

AUGUST 23-31

Click here to Help us fund our musicians and indigenous performers



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