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Our mission is about awareness in each person who looks for a better way of life by understanding there reason to be here on planet Earth.Many people out there are just part of the system which continues to dictate their lives.The system is ok, but also broken in many areas, and this is where people get lost.

We all have the right to be individuals in our own way, but too many are limited due to system control but at the same time they do not realize they do have options and choices. EARTHDAYGLOBAL was designed keeping people in mind, as it is a people’s project in every way.

The idea is to lay out the options on the table for all to see so they can make their choice.One might ask, "What are the choices"? The choices are, having the ability to understand sustainability, better health alternatives, how to cope with life's situations, healthy eating habits, and how to love our neighbors more.

Everything in life revolves around love, and so many really have no idea what it is all about.When we teach the child abuser love, he abuses no more, when we teach the animal abuser love, he abuses no more, when we teach people that water and air gives us life, they pollute no more, and when we give them the awareness of the system, they tend to want to research and understand more thus becoming leaders within the system and not merely followers.

That's the one big problem, too many followers and not enough leaders.When we all lead by example as a collective unit, then we make the appropriate changes that bring peace towards the horizon.




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